What is parenteral treatment?

What is parenteral treatment? Overview. Parenteral nutrition, often called total parenteral nutrition, is the medical term for infusing a specialized form of food through a vein (intravenously). The goal of the treatment is to correct or prevent malnutrition. What are examples of parenteral administration? Administration by injection (parenteral administration) includes the following routes: Subcutaneous (under …

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Can dracaena kill cats?

Can dracaena kill cats? Also known as the “corn plant,” dracaena fragrans is a popular houseplant that is toxic to pets, including cats and dogs, according to the ASPCA. When ingested, the plant can cause vomiting (occasionally with blood), depression, anorexia, hyper-salivation and, in cats, dilated pupils. What if my cat eats dracaena? If you …

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