Why does my directv audio keep cutting out?

Why does my directv audio keep cutting out?

Check that the device connected to the TV and the receiver are powered on. On your remote control, press TV INPUT to cycle through inputs, such as HDMI and HDMI3. If nothing happens, try programming your remote control. If the problem persists, try connecting the receiver to the TV.

How do you fix the volume not working on directv?

Check the audio settings on your tv and connected device. Turn off and unplug your tv and connected device. If so, there may be a problem with the HDMI sound not working on the TV. Swap the media device for another or change the tv speaker output to the internal speaker to see if it fixes the sound.

What is wrong with my directv?

If your DIRECTV is not working, first try Checking the receiver power supply, verifying the TV input, checking all cable connections and looking for outages. If that doesn’t work, try rebooting, checking your subscription and resetting the receiver.

Why does the volume not work on my remote?

Why won’t my TV remote change Volume? The TV remote will control the TV volume by default, however, if it doesn’t work at all the first thing to do is Check your remote batteries. If they check good go into the TV menu under settings and see if there is an option to have the remote control volume.

How do i change the volume lock on my directv remote?


  1. Press and hold the MUTEand SELECTkeys until the green light under the DIRECTVposition flashes twice, then release both keys.
  2. Using the number keys, enter 9-9-3. (The green light will flash twice after the 3.)
  3. Press and release the VOL+ key. (The green light flashes 4 times.)

What does 771 mean on directv?

DIRECTV Error Code 771

If you see error code 771, it means Your DIRECTV receiver is having trouble communicating with your satellite dish.

How do i get the volume to work on my remote?

You’re really re-downloading the software stream. It seems like your receiver gets a refresh, and like it acts better than before. It does take a few minutes. It’s just not a direct, push-button kind of thing.

Why is the volume not working on my tv?

If the TV has a Headphone/Audio-Out settings in the Sound menu, set it to Audio-Out. Make sure all A/V cable connections are properly connected to the TV. Test the TV using another source like a VCR, DVD player or Blu-ray Disc player. Perform a power reset on the TV.

How do i get the volume to work on my directv remote rc73?

While pointing the remote at the receiver, press and hold down the MUTE and ENTER (under the number 9) button at the same time until you see “Applying IR/RF setup, please wait.” If it is successful, it will say “Your remote is now set for RF.”

Why does directv picture jump?

This problem may be caused by Bad weather (this is known as “rain fade”), trees or branches blowing in the line of sight of the receiver, or water pooling on your dish (in areas where dishes point more or less straight up.)

Why does my directv keep rebooting?

Reasons for frequent reboots can include: Low signal. Failed hard drive. Power issue.