Which spermicide is most effective?

Which spermicide is most effective?

Healthline’s picks for the best spermicide products

  • Trojan Ultra Thin Spermicidal Lubricant Condoms. …
  • Trojan ENZ Armor Spermicidal Lubricant Condoms. …
  • Trojan Ultra Ribbed Spermicidal Lubricant Condoms. …
  • VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Film. …
  • ForPlay PrePair Spermicidal Water-Based Personal Lubricant. …
  • VCF Vaginal Contraceptive Gel.

What are the 4 types of spermicides?

Spermicide comes in many different forms: Creams, gels, film, foams, and suppositories (soft inserts that melt into a cream inside your vagina). There are lots of different spermicide brands and types out there, but they all work in a similar way — blocking the cervix and stopping sperm from moving.

How can you make spermicide more effective?

It should be Inserted at least 10 to 15 minutes before sex For it to be effective. Most spermicides are only effective for 60 minutes. Reapply spermicide each time you have sex. Never wash out or remove spermicide after having sex.

Are spermicides 100% effective?

But using spermicide perfectly is hard, so in reality about 28 out of 100 people who use spermicide become pregnant every year — that means spermicide is 72% effective at preventing pregnancy. Using spermicide alone isn’t the most effective way to prevent pregnancy, but it’s better than using no birth control at all.

What spermicide kills sperm?

Spermicide is a chemical that prevents pregnancy by killing sperm so they can’t fertilize an egg. The only spermicide available in the U.S. is Nonoxynol-9 (N-9). You can get it as a foam, jelly, tablet, cream, suppository, or dissolvable film. You can use spermicide by itself or combine it with other methods.

How effective is vcf?

How Effective is the Vaginal Contraceptive Film? When the VCF is used perfectly, this method is 85 – 90% Effective in protecting against pregnancy. There is a “user failure rate” as some individuals make mistakes in using the VCF, bringing the effectiveness down to 75% based on typical use.

What are the disadvantages of spermicide?

What are the disadvantages of spermicides? Vaginal spermicides Can irritate you or your partner’s genitals (e.g., itchiness, redness, or pain). This irritation increases your chance of getting STIs and HIV. Don’t use vaginal spermicides more than twice a day because it will increase your risk of genital irritation.

Why do spermicides fail?

Other reasons for the failure of spermicides are Ejaculation before the spermicide has dispersed (sperm can reach the cervix in 90 s or less), coitus without reapplication of the spermicide, and lack of use during the “safe” period of the menstrual cycle.

Can spermicide make you infertile?

The study found that while the overall rate of tubal infertility among sexually active women is about 3 percent, Women who use barrier contraceptives with spermicides lower their rate to about 1.5 percent, Dr. Cramer said in an interview today.

Can i use two vcf films?

Insert VCF no less than 15 minutes and no more than 3 hour before intercourse. If more than 3 hours pass since the VCF was inserted, insert another film. Use one VCF for each act of intercourse. Several VCFs can be used in a day.

How long does vcf gel last?

It will be effective for Up to 1 hour, or for each act of intercourse. Use a new applicator for each act of intercourse.

Does vcf have side effects?

Vcf Vaginal Contraceptive Side Effects

Sunburn-like rash on face or body. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach pain. Fever or chills. Vaginal burning, itching, rash, or discharge.

How long does spermicide last in the body?

One dose of spermicide usually lasts 1 hour. For repeated sex, use additional spermicide. After sex, the spermicide has to remain in place for 6-8 hours to make sure the sperm are killed.

Can you get pregnant using vcf?

VCF is 94% effective. This means that If 100 people used VCF correctly for one year, only 6 people would get pregnant. Because VCF may be used incorrectly, it is closer to 72% effective with typical use. If you use VCF incorrectly, your risk of pregnancy increases.

Which classification of drugs is used to destroy sperm?

Spermicide Is an agent that kills spermatozoa (sperm). Spermicide causes the sperm cell membrane to rupture, so the sperm is unable to fertilize the egg.

What drug can i use to prevent pregnancy?

Levonorgestrel Is used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse (sex without any method of birth control or with a birth control method that failed or was not used properly [e.g., a condom that slipped or broke or birth control pills that were not taken as scheduled]).

How effective is nonoxynol-9 spermicide?

The spermicide most often used on condoms is nonoxynol-9. When used as directed, condoms can protect against pregnancy 98 percent of the time. By itself, spermicide is One of the least effective forms of birth control, preventing pregnancy about 72 percent of the time.