What traits start with x?

What traits start with x?

Adjectives That Start With X

  • Xeric.
  • Xenogeneic.
  • Xenial.
  • Xerothermic.

What is a good x word to describe someone?

Nice Words Beginning With X

Word Definition Synonyms
Xenas (n.) Confident, strong woman Mighty, strong, confident
Xenagogue (n.) Acting as a guide; guiding someone Tour guide
Xenial (adj.) Being nice or friendly to foreign visitors Hospitable, friendly
Xenismos (n.) Offering meal (ritual) Offering, ritual

What’s a positive word that starts with x?

Positive Words That Start with X to Compliment Others

  • Xenial. Definition: being nice or friendly to foreign visitors. Synonyms: hospitable, friendly. …
  • Xenas. Definition: a tough, physical, confident woman. Synonyms: xenon, zenna, zinks. …
  • Xenagogue. Definition: a guide. Synonyms: your guide, translator. …
  • Xenodochy.

What common words start with x?

Words That Begin With X

  • Xebec.
  • Xenia.
  • Xenic.
  • Xenon.
  • Xeric.
  • Xerox.
  • Xerus.
  • Xylan.

What words have the letter x?

  • Axe.
  • Box.
  • Cox.
  • Dex.
  • Fax.
  • Fix.
  • Fox.
  • Gox.

How many x words are there?

In fact, there are not many that even contain the letter ‘x and many are names of people, places, and events. The Oxford Dictionary lists Around 400 That begin with x, though online dictionaries only document around 120.

What is a 5 letter word starting with x?

5-letter words starting with X

Xamir Xanax
Xebec Xenas
Xenia Xenic
Xenon Xenyl
Xeric Xerox

What does xoompin mean?

Xoompin. (v) To drive over bumps on the road.

What does xenial mean?

Definition of xenial

: Of, relating to, or constituting hospitality or relations between host and guest and especially among the ancient Greeks between persons of different cities Xenial relationship xenial customs.

What is xaroncharoo?

Xaroncharoo. Meaning: Brilliant. Example: I could tell the man was xaroncharoo when he set up that elaborate trap.

What nice word starts with z?

Positive words that start with Z

  • Zany – adjective – Amusingly unusual or uncommon in behavior or appearance. …
  • Zealous – adjective – Passionate or enthusiastic. …
  • Zesty – adjective – Exciting and full of energy (describing people); having a strong, spicy, or pleasant flavor (describing food).