What is the meaning of the word mishandle?

What is the meaning of the word mishandle?

Definition of mishandle

Transitive verb. 1 : To treat roughly : maltreat. 2 : to deal with or manage wrongly or ignorantly.

What is the prefix for mishandle?

When you handle something, you deal with it, and when you add the Old English prefix Mis-, it means that you’ve dealt with it in a “wrong” or “bad” way.

What is the root word of mishandled?

Mishandle (v.)

“to maltreat,” late 14c. (implied in mishandling), from Mis- (1) “badly, wrongly” + handle (v.).

Is mishandlings a word?

Meaning of mishandling in English

The act or an example of dealing with something without the necessary care or skill: Who do you blame for the mishandling of the economy? The mishandling of information was one of the government’s biggest problems.

What is mishandled delivery?

To deal with clumsily or inefficiently; mismanage: mishandled the project. 2. To treat roughly; maltreat: The package was mishandled during shipping.

Is misdirect a real word?

To direct or address wrongly or incorrectly: to misdirect a person; to misdirect a letter.

What is a synonym for mismanagement?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for mismanagement. Mishandling, Mismanaging.

What is immeasurable in the universe?

Incapable of being measured; limitless: the immeasurable vastness of the universe.

What does it mean to make a mess?

Definition of make a mess of

: To ruin (something) or to make many mistakes in doing (something) The scandal made a mess of his political career. The weather made a mess of our plans. He made a mess of his speech.

Is discontentment a word?

Discontentment Add to list Share. When you’re dissatisfied or unhappy about something, you experience discontentment.

What is the meaning of the word bungle?

Definition of bungle

To do clumsily and awkwardly; botch: He bungled the job. verb (used without object), bun·gled, bun·gling. to perform or work clumsily or inadequately: He is a fool who bungles consistently. a bungling performance.

Who is responsible if a parcel is damaged?

Who is liable if my goods are damaged in transit? If goods are delivered to you in a damaged condition, the Consumer Rights Act makes The retailer Responsible for remedying the situation.

What happens if your parcel is damaged?

Damaged goods

He added: “If an item arrives damaged, It’s your right to ask for a refund or replacement. Contact the retailer as soon as possible and take a picture as evidence of the damaged item, including one of the delivery packaging.”

What happens when a parcel is damaged?

As if the items were damaged, The courier will ask you to write a report on the unfortunate delivery, including photos and a detailed description of the damage. A claim procedure depends on the specific courier company.

How do you use misdirect in a sentence?

Examples of misdirect in a Sentence

Their mail was misdirected to our address. If he tells you he’s not interested, he’s trying to misdirect you.

What’s another word for misdirected?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for misdirect, like: Misplace, mislead, deprave, lead-astray, misaddress, subvert, profane, debauch, instruct badly, demoralize and demoralise.

How do you use misdirection?

Use positive, not negative attention.

When designing misdirection, don’t think of it as worriedly steering the audience’s attention away from something important and secret. Instead, shift focus toward something interesting but unrelated. Thinking this way will make your secret actions imperceptible.

What’s another word for poorly managed?


Mishandle, bungle, botch, maladminister.

What part of speech is mismanagement?

MISMANAGEMENT (Noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is fund mismanagement?

Mismanagement of funds refers to Instances where a person fails to observe laws or guidelines when handling finances for another person or organization. Most mismanagement lawsuits involve some form of negligence or neglect on the account of the liable party.

What is the best meaning for the word espionage?

Definition of espionage

: The practice of spying or using spies to obtain information about the plans and activities especially of a foreign government or a competing company Industrial espionage.