What is a adjective that starts with al?

What is a adjective that starts with al?

List of Descriptive Adjectives that Start with L

  • Labored.
  • Laboring.
  • Laborious.
  • Lacking.
  • Lacy.
  • Lame.
  • Lamentable.
  • Languid.

What is a positive adjective that starts with l?

Lively list of positive adjectives starting with L. Ladylike characteristic of a lady or woman; well-bred. Laid-back Relaxed and unhurried; easy-going. Lambent softly brilliant, bright or radiant; flickering softly and lightly on or over a surface; having a gentle glow (especially without heat); luminous; twinkling.

What is a good l word to describe someone?

Keeping these words starting with L to describe a person positively will definitely come in handy at times like that.

  • Loyal. Definition: to show faithfulness toward something or someone. …
  • Lovely. Definition: to be very beautiful. …
  • Lordly. Definition: acting in the manner of a lord. …
  • Ladylike. …
  • Lambent. …
  • Leonine. …
  • Lenient. …
  • Lighthearted.

What are adjectives ending in al?

Typical adjective endings

-al Mathematical, functional, influential, chemical. -ful beautiful, bashful, helpful, harmful. -ic artistic, manic, rustic, terrific. -ive submissive, intuitive, inventive, attractive.

What is a word starting with l?

This list contains all 3,112 point-scoring words that start with the letter “L”, organized by the number of letters that the word has.

The highest scoring words starting with L.

Top Words Starting with L Scrabble Points Words With Friends Points
Lockjaw 23 27
Lacquer 18 21
Lazyish 22 21
Lexemic 18 21

What are 5 words that end in al?

5-Letter Words Ending In AL

  • ANNAL.
  • AURAL.
  • AXIAL.
  • BANAL.
  • BASAL.
  • COPAL.
  • CORAL.
  • DECAL.

How many words end in al?

There are 2239 Words ending with al, listed below sorted by word length.

What words have al in them?

20 letter words containing al

  • Electroencephalogram.
  • Semiautobiographical.
  • Abetalipoproteinemia.
  • Electrophysiological.
  • Electrotechnological.
  • Encephalomiocarditis.
  • Crystallographically.
  • Compartmentalization.

What is a 5 letter word with l?

5-letter words starting with L

Laari Laban
Lader Lades
Ladie Ladin
Ladle Ladye
Laers Laevo

What is the longest l word?

24-letter words that start with l

  • Laryngotracheobronchitis.
  • Leukoencephalomyelopathy.
  • Lymphangioleiomyomatosis.

What are 5 words that start with l?

5 letter words that start with L

  • Laari.
  • Label.
  • Labor.
  • Labra.
  • Laced.
  • Lacer.
  • Laces.
  • Lacks.

Why do words end in al?

Every syllable needs a vowel. So, if you hear ‘l’ at the end of a word and you can’t hear a vowel sound, most commonly you will use ‘al’ or ‘le’. You use ‘al’ if you are adding a suffix onto a base or root word (e.g., magic – magical). You use ‘le’ if it is a part of the word (e.g., little, candle).

Whats a 5 letter word that starts with r and ends with al?

Get *R*AL words to win in your chosen game.


Word Points Options
Regal 8 Definition
Riyal 8 Definition
Royal 8 Definition
Aural 7 Definition

Where is that end with al?

  • Abdominal.
  • Accentual.
  • Acquittal.
  • Acropetal.
  • Acrosomal.
  • Actuarial.
  • Adenoidal.
  • Adverbial.

What starts with an s and ends with al?

Get *S*AL words to win in your chosen game.


Word Points Options
Sural 7 Definition
Seral 6 Definition
Setal 6 Definition
Sisal 6 Definition

What is this word al?

: Of, relating to, or characterized by directional fictional. -al. noun suffix (1) Definition of -al (Entry 5 of 6) : action : process rehearsal.

What 5 letter word has al in the middle?

5-Letter Words with ‘AL’ in the Middle

  • Aalii.
  • Afald.
  • Avale.
  • Baals.
  • Balas.
  • Balds.
  • Baldy.
  • Baled.

What words start with al and end with m?

Five letter words starting with ‘AL’ and end with M Letter

  • Album.
  • Alarm.
  • Algum.

How do you spell the letter l?

How Do You Spell The Letter L Sound? To spell the L (/ˈɛl/) sound, you simply use L or LL.

How do you describe someone with an l?

Loopy – Slightly crazy, confused, eccentric. loquacious – very talkative. loutish – uncouth or aggressive. lowly – low in status or humble.

What are positive words that start with i?

Positive Words That Start with I to Compliment Others

  • Impressive. Definition: having the ability to impress the mind; arousing admiration. …
  • Intelligent. Definition: showing intelligence, or the ability to understand and learn well. …
  • Integrity. …
  • Impeccable. …
  • Impassioned. …
  • Impartial. …
  • Innovative. …
  • Irresistible.