What does it mean when someone radiates?

What does it mean when someone radiates?

Transitive verb. 1 : To send out in or as if in rays. 2 : irradiate, illuminate. 3 : to spread abroad or around as if from a center.

What is something that radiates?

When something radiates, It sends out waves or rays. The sun radiates light and warmth. If your house has a radiator, that might help you remember this word, because the radiator radiates warmth. Radiating is a concept that applies to anything that emits rays or waves.

What does it mean to radiate love?

2 verb If you radiate an emotion or quality or if it radiatesfrom you, people can see it very clearly in your face and in your behaviour. She radiates happiness and health…

What does radiate happiness mean?

Experience a feeling of well-being or happiness, as from good health or an intense emotion. “She was beaming with joy”; “Her face radiated with happiness” radiateverb.

How do you radiate love?

Here are 20 easy ways to start radiating love, kindness, and positive energy:

  1. Always wear a smile.
  2. Tell people they’re beautiful and that you’ve missed their presence.
  3. Help someone in need.
  4. Give random gifts to your loved ones or co-workers.

How do you radiate joy?

9 Ways to Radiate Positivity and Spread Joy

  1. Smile. So simple, but so effective. …
  2. Pay Someone a Compliment. …
  3. Give the Benefit of the Doubt. …
  4. Forgive. …
  5. Don’t Complain. …
  6. Be a Good Listener. …
  7. Practice Gratitude. …
  8. Always Look For the Silver Lining.

What is an antonym for the word radiates?

Near Antonyms for radiate. Approach, Close in (on), Near.

What is the noun of radiate?

Noun. radiate (plural radiates) (zoology) One of the Radiata.

Where does the word radiate come from?

Radiate (adj.) “having rays, furnished with rays or ray-like parts, shining,” 1660s, From Latin radiatus, past participle of radiare “to beam, shine, gleam; make beaming,” from radius “beam of light; spoke of a wheel” (see radius).

How do you use radiated in a sentence?

Pain radiated through her, but she pushed herself towards the door. The woman radiated cold power, her eyes brighter than even Xander’s. The Healer’s voice radiated happiness that made Darian sink lower into the black thoughts in his mind. A tingle began in her chest and radiated through her entire body.

What can a person radiate?

6 Things People Who Radiate Warmth And Confidence Do In Common

  • They Tell Their Story. Charismatic people have a way of conversing with others that is much more engaging than just small talk. …
  • They Are Good Listeners. …
  • They Leave Their Ego at The Door. …
  • They Ask Questions. …
  • Be Personal. …
  • They Walk The Walk.

Do love vibrations work?

When you love someone, you can radiate thoughts, feelings, and emotions at the same rhythm. When you achieve coherence in your vibrations and emit higher vibrations, you experience more benefits. It is easier to make decisions and device solutions since your discernment is clear.

What does radiate good vibes mean?

Good vibes is a slang phrase for The positive feelings given off by a person, place, or situation.

How do you attract good energy?

9 Ways to Attract Good Energy Today and Every Day

  1. Pay attention to the energy you’re emitting. …
  2. Change the tone of your thoughts. …
  3. Cut off negative influences. …
  4. Expand your circle. …
  5. Embrace compassion and kindness. …
  6. Cultivate gratitude. …
  7. Find your inner strength. …
  8. Align your current self with your future self.

How do you get good energy?

9 tips to boost your energy — naturally

  1. Control stress.
  2. Lighten your load.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Avoid smoking.
  5. Restrict your sleep.
  6. Eat for energy.
  7. Use caffeine to your advantage.
  8. Limit alcohol.

What’s another synonym for radiate?

In this page you can discover 68 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for radiate, like: Emit, exude, shed, diffuse, shine, disseminate, emit in rays, transmit, dispel, strew and circulate.

What is the best synonyms for radiate?

Synonyms for radiates

  • Circulate.
  • Throw out.
  • Light up.
  • Branch out.
  • Give out.
  • Send out.
  • Shoot out.
  • Spread out.