What does it mean dampened?

What does it mean dampened?

Definition of dampen

Transitive verb. 1 : To check or diminish the activity or vigor of : deaden the heat dampened our spirits. 2 : to make damp the shower barely dampened the ground.

What is the full meaning of damp?

1. Damp, humid, moist mean Slightly wet. Damp usually implies slight and extraneous wetness, generally undesirable or unpleasant unless the result of intention: a damp cellar; to put a damp cloth on a patient’s forehead. Humid is applied to unpleasant dampness in the air: The air is oppressively humid today.

What is a dampened mood?

Verb. To dampen something such as someone’s enthusiasm or excitement means To make it less lively or intense.

Is it dampen or dampened?

But SO many people say dampening!

It’s a common misconception, but it’s also really easy to just add the “en” into “damping” without even thinking about it. “Dampen” is a verb meaning “to make slightly wet.” “Dampening” isn’t even in the dictionaries we use.

What is a dampening effect?

(dăm′pĭng) n. The gradual reduction of excessive oscillation, vibration, or signal intensity, and therefore of instability in a mechanical or electrical device, by a substance or some aspect of the device.

Is dampen a verb or noun?

Dampen verb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.

What is the nearest meaning of damp?

Some common synonyms of damp are dank, humid, moist, and wet. While all these words mean “Covered or more or less soaked with liquid,” damp implies a slight or moderate absorption and often connotes an unpleasant degree of moisture.

What is the make sentence of damp?

Her hair was still damp. She wiped the table with a damp cloth. There was damp everywhere and the entire building was in need of rewiring. Hillsden damped a hand towel and laid it across her forehead.

What is the root word of dampen?

1630s, “to dull or deaden, make weak” (force, enthusiasm, ardor, etc.), from Damp (adj.) + -en (1).

What is the meaning of dampen her spirits?

To make feelings, especially of excitement or enjoyment, less strong: Nothing you can say will dampen her enthusiasm. I didn’t want to dampen his spirits.

What is the verb for damping?

Damped; damping; damps. Definition of damp (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb. 1a : to affect with or as if with a noxious gas : choke. b : to diminish the activity or intensity of damping down the causes of inflation liquid damps out compass oscillations.

What is damp water?

Damp forms due to the presence of excess moisture caused by factors such as condensation through rain water seeping into a property or rising damp where moisture from the ground travels up through the walls by capillary action.

What is a damp woman?

Sexually aroused. (Usually applied to women.)

Is a shower a damp or wet location?

Indoor locations like showers are also considered Wet locations. If an area can have water splash or flow with direct contact to a light fixture, then it is considered a wet location. Most of Dutton Brown Design’s light fixtures are UL Listed for dry locations.

What is damp area?

Damp Location: An exterior or interior location that is normally or periodically subject to condensation of moisture in, on, or adjacent to, electrical equipment, and includes partially protected locations.

How do you describe damp hair?

Wet hair is indeed Sleek, glossy and shiny (as long as your hair isn’t the frizzy type found in, say, Melanesia) – but not only aren’t they ‘wet enough’ as you say (I like that!), somehow none of these conjure up the ‘stuck down’ look of hair that is sodden (a word suggested earlier by @vanderpn) with water or hair oil …

What does dampen mean in economics?

To make something less strong or successful: The outlook for the global economy looked gloomy, and dampened expectations of a rise in profits that quarter.