What are the duties of a porter?

What are the duties of a porter?

A Porter ensures their customers’ smooth and tireless stay while in various facilities like a hotel or cruise ship. They are responsible for creating a warm and welcoming environment by carrying luggage and assisting in fixing minor issues around whatever premises they may be attending.

What position is a porter?

Porters typically work for cruise ships, hotels, or motels to help customers check-in and out of their rooms. They work closely with other staff members to ensure that their guests receive top-tier customer service during their stay.

What is a porter in a shop?

A porter is Responsible for managing the building’s cleanliness and orderliness, together with the cleaning maintenance team. Duties of a porter include ensuring the premises’ safety, operating cleaning tools and equipment, and performing basic troubleshooting for defective machines.

What are good qualities of a porter?

To become a Porter, you’ll need to be:

  • Responsible, reliable and trustworthy.
  • Conscientious, especially in your attitude to security and safety.
  • Practical, with the ability to use your hands well to operate tools and equipment.
  • Fit and active, as lifting and carrying is involved.
  • Prepared to spend a long time on your feet.

Who does a porter report to?

Porter Job summary 3

The Porter reports to The Facilities Manager And will perform day to day building maintenance at our facilities. Overall duties will include removing debris, maintaining common areas, restocking bathrooms and responding to all cleaning emergencies.

What does a porter do at hospitals?

Hospital porters are responsible for the Moving of patients on stretchers, trolleys, beds and wheelchairs between different locations in the hospital. Patients need to be moved from the ambulance into the hospital and between the wards operating theatres, delivery rooms and the X-ray section.

How old do you have to be to be a hospital porter?

Most applicants are 18 or over But sometimes there are apprenticeships available.

What is a porter position in a restaurant?

They Wash dishes, equipment and utensils so they are ready to be used and meet sanitation regulations. They offer support to the kitchen manager and chefs to make sure the kitchen runs smoothly. Kitchen porters typically work in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other places where food is served.